LoudspeakersPlus now has a complete facility dedicated to the repair and service of speakers & electronic repairs.

Our Speaker Reconing Service is staffed by highly-trained specialists that know how to help you repair your speakers or choose the correct replacement speakers or speaker parts to make your system come alive. Plus we are now offering electronic repairs on most brands of amps, mixers, keyboards and more.

Speaker reconing serviceWe can bring your old speakers back to life!
Our speaker reconing service is guaranteed to give your speakers new life. It's cost-effective, fast, and we do it right. And if your speakers are too far gone, we have a warehouse full of the newest speakers from all the major manufacturers like Eminence, JBL, P Audio, Celestion, 18 Sound, RCF, Peavey, Jensen, Turbosound and more!.

LoudspeakersPlus was
recently named the
Midwest's ONLY
Authorized Turbosound
Warranty Center!
Call for more info.

LoudspeakersPlus is
now an Authorized B-52
Warranty Center!
We can repair all your
B-52 speakers and
systems and handle all
your warranty issues.
Speaker reconing service showroom
Stop by and visit our new speaker showroom.

You can audition our complete line of speaker cabinets, stage monitors and sub cabinets. You can drop off your blown speakers for analysis and repair.

Or you can pick up some new speakers and high frequency drivers from most of the leading manufacturers including JBL, Eminence, P Audio, Jensen, 18 Sound, RCF, Fane, Peavey and more!

Our staff can answer all your questions about speakers and how to get the most from your gear.

The Tone Chamber is
the only place in the
country where you can
try EVERY Eminence
10" and 12" Guitar
Speaker– with YOUR
guitar and YOUR amp!
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to visit today!
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